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Where did the idea for IQ for Business come from?

When we ask managers whether they are sure about what the biggest problem is when it comes to team tensions and the resulting organizational issues, they are unable to answer.

As our experience suggests, it is challenging for HR departments to gain insights into tensions among employees or departments and identify areas generating organizational issues within a company, especially when the company has over 200 employees.

Typically, HR departments have access to many comprehensive tests examining communication processes that collect a vast amount and diversity of data. "Information overload" can lead to an information paradox in which such a large volume of data becomes an obstacle to capturing significant nuances and exceptions.

We have decided to simplify the examination of tensions within the organization by asking just one question, which is rated on a five-point scale. We are not requesting any justification for the rating, and it should be a purely impulsive assessment. This way, each employee will spend a maximum of 5 minutes on the survey.

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