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Where did the idea for IQ FOR BUSINESS come from?

When we inquire about the primary issue concerning team tensions and resulting organizational challenges, managers often find it difficult to pinpoint the exact problem.

In our experience, HR departments face challenges in gaining insights into tensions among employees or departments, particularly in larger companies with over 200 employees. 

Despite having access to various comprehensive tests that examine communication processes and collect a vast amount of diverse data, HR departments may encounter an "information overload" situation. This occurs when the sheer volume of data becomes an obstacle, hindering the capture of significant nuances and exceptions.

To address this, we opted for a simplified approach to examining tensions within an organization. We pose just one question, rated on a five-point scale. Importantly, we don't request any justification for the rating; it's meant to be a purely impulsive assessment. This streamlined method ensures that each employee spends a maximum of 6 on the survey.

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