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Why did we create

We were guided by three main premises:

  • The first premise is that it is better and more cost-effective to prevent rather than cure.

  • The second premise assumes that people with different personalities will collaborate well if there is an appropriate standard and procedure for cooperation among them.

  • The third premise is the belief that in most organizations, despite conducting a vast amount of research, companies lack knowledge about what constitutes a trigger, a bottleneck, or a challenging communication situation for the organization.


Companies, regardless of their size, are seeking ways to improve communication, enhance process efficiency, reduce costs, increase organizational safety, and consequently maintain and increase profits.


Communication within a company and all the processes taking place within it are strongly interconnected. If one is not functioning well, the other is affected too.


The quality and safety of production, sales, organizational, service, or logistical processes depend on how effectively people communicate!

From a business perspective, "poor" communication is costly for an organization. Discrepancies in understanding messages can arise, improper relationships among employees may form, there can be issues with task execution and achieving results, and abuses may occur. This can lead to a decrease in the company's credibility and a loss of customers.

How can this be achieved?

We propose IQ FOR BUSINESS - the world's first algorithm diagnosing the entire organization, which intelligently maps the flow of communication within the company, based on asking employees just one question. Each participating employee will spend no less than 6 minutes on this survey.

After completing our survey, you will receive a detailed report that will enable the management to take actions to improve communication among colleagues and, consequently, increase job satisfaction and, above all, have a tangible impact on increasing the company's profits.





 allows you to determine the level of communication within the company and, consequently, the efficiency of the entire organization.

White Wall with Stairs

Errorr fixing
IQ FOR BUSINESS locates the inflammations, socalled "bottlenecks," and suggests how to find directions for error fixing in standards and processes, and clears the obstacles that hinder the company's development.

Red Mountain
Workforce Development

 IQ FOR BUSINESS will help identify the top talents within the organization in which it's worthwhile to invest in their development.


IQ FOR BUSINESS will help eliminate and enhance the performance of individuals facing issues in communication and/or people management.

Employee Motivation

Thanks to the changes following the

IQ FOR BUSINESS assessment, communication within the company will be effective, employees will better understand the organization's goals, their role in achieving them, and they will feel more engaged.

Conflict Reduction  

with IQ FOR BUSINESS, you can identify the causes of disputes and misunderstandings, implement appropriate solutions and create a more harmonious work environment.


Thank you!

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